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Gift Idea: Under $35

Believe it or not, I don't receive any sort of compensation from Anthropologie. The store just tends to be my holiday headquarters so it's inevitable that it pops up here frequently in November and December. And I realize that the clothbound Penguin classics are getting a lot of press but I love the idea of pairing a canvas-covered edition of Great Expectations with a DVD of the 1998 movie which was vaguely based on Charles Dickens' tale.

Many visually oriented people appreciate the aesthetic aspects of the film; giving the novel along with the movie might inspire someone to revisit the original story. Green Havisham-esque gift wrap seems in order here. Maybe something with frayed or vintage ribbon.

Velvet ribbon is from Etsy; solid green paper is from Kate's Paperie. Portrait on movie poster is by Francesco Clemente. Book images are from Anthropologie. Click here for a related past post and here to learn more about the film's art direction.


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

love love love these Penguins and have some on order. They are wonderful and what a great idea to put some titles together with story details. Anthropologie is Full of good things. la

Style Court said...

LA -- Don't the books look terrific all grouped together too? Hard to resist. Classic titles, great looking covers.

Southern Aspirations said...

the only problem I have with Penguin classics press is how quickly some of them disappear- :-)LOVE the classics with great art cover. And what a great gift idea!

pve design said...

I was just there last night. It is one of my favorite spots, and we are on a first name basis.

Brilliant Asylum said...

Great idea! I would love to get any of those book & movie combos for Christmas.

Unknown said...

Perfect gift ideas for some lucky receivers!
I enjoy shopping at Anthropologie also love their great book selections that you just don't run into anywhere else.

Love how each store is different inside I can go to a couple of different ones.


Vicky's Yard Sale said...

I was searching through their site a couple days ago and found these and fell in love! They make me want to bundle up and read them all. Although I wasn't a mayor fan of the movie itself, (I must be honest, I was driven to the film by hottie Ethan Hawke,a little star struck back then) but that all went away when I saw the beautiful interior of that mansion. I remember thinking "hmm, I could live like that, over grown vines inside my living room and all". It was just too beautiful.

Janet said... birthday present to myself this year was a stack of the new Penguin Classics...I wasn't going to leave it to chance!