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For Bibliophiles

Some of you may have already seen the photographs of conceptual artist Mickey Smith. She has been documenting the types of bound scholarly journals and periodicals that public libraries are now replacing with digital versions. It's an interesting project and I think her Nature pairing, released today over at 20 x 200, is especially dynamic considering she photographs the books just as the last reader or librarian left them on the shelf.

There are two prints available here -- Collocation No. 14 (NATURE) Left Panel and Collocation No. 14 (NATURE) Right Panel -- but the artist's suggestion is to display them as one, as shown above. Depending on size, these limited editions range from $20 to $200 each. Learn more about Mickey's other work here.

Images © Mickey Smith


Hobnail and Brass said...

This would look amazing blown up in huge posters. I love! Oh, and thank you for introducing me to the 20x200 website. I will definitely be using them.

Style Court said...

Hi Sharon,

Glad you like 20 x 200 and Mickey's work!

Unknown said...

I really like this work. Digitizing collections is a hot topic in the library world. This work really puts a lot of issues on the table. For me, these images present the books as hitoric objects and that is something to think about as well. Thanks!

La Maison Fou said...

Like the old spines...the colors

Shandell's said...

Love his work, as everything is going digital, these are like capsules in time.

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

I love your blog so much I can hardly stand it. Well done lady.

Style Court said...

Thanks Simone!