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Close Enough?

When I first spotted this ad for Anta in Selvedge, I thought I'd found a long lost cousin to the tufted sofa that makes so many nice appearances in Jane Campion's Bright Star.

But at second glance, the piece in Anta's ad is really more of a narrow bench. It's tempting to turn to Anthropologie for tufted leather seating -- always options there -- however, Bright Star's sofa doesn't have the whimsical curves that characterize many of Anthro's designs. George Smith, Beaman Antiques and Acquisitions seemed like other logical places to try. And of course I saw plenty of handsome sofas, just not a close enough match.

The lines of Ruby Beets' reproduction settee aren't on the nose either but I think it has that Bright Star spirit. The leather itself is nearly spot on. Apparently this new piece was based on a 1920s settee, and the original was probably inspired by earlier 19th-century furniture. (It happens to be priced under $3,000.)

The lines of Elijah Slocum's Annabelle do make it a contender. I'll continue the hunt, though.

For a discussion about women and their sofas, click here. Last image, Marina Rust with daughter and sofa, photographed by Francois Halard for Vogue.


Karen and Sara Brown said...

Love them ALL! And you must see Bright Star if you haven't already!

Style Court said...

I agree! It's the best film I've seen in ages!

Brilliant Asylum said...

Glad everyone loved Bright Star as much as I did. Absolutely stunning film!

Good eye on the stylishly tatty furniture. I can't wait to see it again on DVD and pay closer attention to the details.