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The Big Draw

[Image above ©Laura Murphy Frankstone]
Drawing isn't just for artists or romantic souls who remember the picture below and still fantasize about sketching while on holiday in Italy.

[Image of Jackie Kennedy in Ravello, Italy, 196os, via Vanity Fair]

In the U.K. there is a group of people who feel passionately that drawing is a great way to sharpen one's observational skills and general intellectual muscle. In 2000 they spearheaded The Campaign for Drawing to promote the educational benefits of putting pencil to paper, and now Drawing America is working to bring similar Big Draw projects to the U.S.

During October some communities, like this one in Nashville, are encouraging residents to study and sketch local architecture. In Atlanta, on October 10th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the High Museum of Art, visitors of all ages are invited to bring their own pencils and paper and draw works in the galleries. (Art supplies will be available in the gift shop too.)

It's an interesting concept. My sister is a science and history teacher and every day she pours tons of intellectual and physical energy into innovative techniques that help her kids learn. (At least she does all she can within her given parameters.) Some students do well with a lot of visual stimuli while others like to jump in and work things out with their hands.

I remember being so impressed with how former teacher Helene took her four-year-old granddaughters to the High to sketch the busts of Voltaire! And she always encourages observation and drawing at home.

For Holly Bryan, childhood jaunts to Binders did lead to a creative career. In addition to painting, she does floral design professionally.

[Photo above by Christine Gallagher]

Later this month Holly is hosting an open house and sale at her studio located at 3725 Powers Ferry Road in Atlanta.

The opening reception takes place Thursday, October 29th from 6 to 9 p.m. and additional hours are Friday and Saturday, October 30th and 31st, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

[Above, works from Holly's "Tossing and Turning" series, 12" x 12" each, mixed media on panel, available through Emily Amy Gallery. The studio image is also via EAG.]

Turquoise pencils available at Sam Flax.

Afterthought 10.06.09
If you're interested in drawing instruction, Hennessy Ingalls is brimming with related books.


The Peak of Chic said...

Beautiful post, and I can't get that image of the floral arrangement out of my mind! It's so pretty.

Style Court said...

Oh thanks Jennifer. The flowers really grabbed me too.

Brilliant Asylum said...

Great to see Holly's work spotlighted. She is a multi-talent.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Such a great post. I would love to take a drawing course. I took music through school & wish I had branched out more in other artistic fields. Great inspiration!

Style Court said...

DT -- I really appreciate your comment. The idea behind the project seems to be that drawing is for everyone. Anytime.

Karena said...

Yes, it is just a matter of wanting to do it, then it can lead to painting, sculpture photography, etc! I love Holly's art!

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

Amazing post, Courtney! I used to draw all the time and don't anymore...but now that I've read this, that may change. I think I'm going to get some nice pencils this weekend...I'll keep you posted... This is very, very inspirational...thank you!

Style Court said...

Lisa -- Oh good! Glad it inspired!

Hobnail and Brass said...

I love this post. I was always daunted by drawing until I hit design school and actually learned how to look at things. I would also recommend studying Drawing From the Right Side of the Brain.
It was an amazing learning tool.