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Some Quality Time with Kathryn Ireland

On the to-do list: spend a few leisurely hours pouring over Kathryn Ireland's new book, Creating a Home. The designer's latest title highlights in detail her restoration of the Wallace Neff–designed Libbey Ranch in Ojai, California.

I think many design enthusiasts and Ireland fans really fell for the house and stables when the estate was photographed by Thibault Jeanson for Vogue Living, 2007. Now, with the release of the book, we get to see the home from many more beautiful angles, gain an in-depth understanding of Ireland's inspiration, and learn the history of Neff's project.

Because the ranch is often described as representing down-to-earth grandeur, I've been thinking a lot about the welcoming quality seen in all of Ireland's work. Her rooms seem simpatico with everything late-1960s Vogue editors recommended for gracious living -- their approach to creating a home. There must be a blog post in that somewhere. So, I'm off to hit the books, comparing Vogue's vintage criteria for a well-mannered home with every attribute of the Libbey Ranch. Be back soon with a peek inside.


Laura Casey Interiors said...

I am looking forward to reading through this book as well and hearing your thoughts on Libbey Ranch. She has great and attainable style, sure to be a great book.

Sarah said...

i love the outside, so will most likely love the inside!

Style Court said...

Hi Laura, I think you will really enjoy the history and archive pictures.

Style Court said...

Yes, Sarah, the inside is wonderful!

Mary said...

I'm putting that on my Christmas list - always love a Wallace Neff home. and love Ojai! How can it go wrong? Thank you

Karena said...

Looks to be a fab read with a great designer!