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Living with Art

Here's a chic solution for a large unwieldy piece that's too big to be placed on a shelf, atop most coffee tables, or even in some closets. In the mid-1960s, Annette Reed (today we know her as Mrs. Oscar de la Renta) cleverly juxtaposed a utilitarian-yet-handsome art portfolio with a curvaceous leather-covered 18th-century armchair. Basically the portfolio is rigged on a simple stand for all to see.

Horst photographed the room in 1966, and the captions in Horst Interiors simply describe the case as a "crisply engineered foil for a comfortable armchair." Whether it held a collection of oversized prints, like a double-elephant folio (up to 50"), or art created by a member of the family, I don't know. Reed did paint the trompe l'oeil of bookshelves in the background, which reminds me a little of Jennifer's great mural painted by Laura Boles Faw. Either way, I imagine the display allowed for relatively easy viewing and made a good conversation piece.

On the topic of living with art, Jen Bekman, the gallerist who believes in art for everyone, gives a sneak peek at her own collection over at design*sponge. Photographer Dorthe Alstrup is one of many artists represented. Shown directly above is Alstrup's sold out Untitled (Max).

First two images from the top © Horst Interiors

FYI: Laura Boles Faw is known for her sculpture and typically only does decorative work for her sister.


Mimi said...

Very chic..I really like those brackets. It looks like the portfolio opens up like a table instead of a book. Genius idea!

The Blushing Hostess said...

The portfolio is not my favorite though it is a sharp thought. Now, that last shot, why don't all my rooms spill over with courageous whimsy like that?

the NEO-traditionalist said...

What a photograph. All the balloons make for pure insanity. Love it!
XX Kate

Lindsey said...

I Love the portfolio!!!

The Peak of Chic said...

I know that my sister will be thrilled that you mentioned her...she's a big fan of yours! I really do love the idea of displaying the portfolio on the stand. It's the inclusion of something ordinary or practical that gives a room flair...much like CZ Guest displaying her orchids in those cheap plastic green pots! Although, Reed/de la Renta's portfolio was chicer than the green pots :)

Grant K. Gibson said...

I love the idea of the portfolio! WOW!
Laura is divine! I am so happy that she lives in SF!