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Kate, Andy, and Gerhard

I just realized that everyone might not be aware of the connection between artist Gerhard Richter, mentioned in the previous post, and the ever-popular Spade apartment. Richter is one of many acclaimed artists represented in the Spades' collection. Shown above, in the red den, is a print of Betty. The original photo-realistic oil painting done of Richter's daughter Betty in 1988 belongs to the Saint Louis Art Museum.

[Lesende Reader, oil on canvas, 1994 ©Gerhard Richter]

By the way, in Atlanta the High Museum of Art owns another of Richter's "photo paintings," Lesende Reader.

Image at top comes from Town & Country, October 2004.


Grant K. Gibson said...

I wish that I had collected Richter's work years ago!

the NEO-traditionalist said...

This is my FAVORITE apartment of all time. The Spades and Steven Sclaroff did such an incredible job. I have the World of Interiors issue saved in a keepsake box : ) So glad to see you are fond of it too!
XX Kate "the NEO-trad"

Found said...

that apartment is our happy place