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Don't Miss It: Coastal Living's Idea Cottage

Over the past few weeks we've been checking in with interior designer Angie Hranowsky as she finished her work on Coastal Living's 2009 Idea Cottage in I'On. Now a detailed video tour is up on Coastal Living's site, and all of Angie's designs are highlighted in the October issue.

Her unfussy use of lilac in the master bedroom is kind of breathtaking. I rarely use that dramatic description, but the bedroom is really sensational. And, yes, she used John Robshaw fabric for the canopy. (More specifics are available in the new issue.) A few details about the original art Angie selected for the rooms can be found here. Background on her collecting style is here.

I think I spotted a PerlaAnne linocut in one of the bathrooms. The images below show one of printmaker Stacey Bradley's handcarved blocks along with a finished print.

The showstopper in the house is Molly B. Right's portrait in the dining room, shown below. Other artists include: Julia Lynn, Sally Benedict, Amanda Talley and Kate Long Stevenson.

I love the new video Amanda has added to her own site. Click here to watch.

Credit for first picture: Photographer Tria Giovan, Stylist Lindsey Ellis Beatty, image courtesy
Coastal Living.


plaisirs simples said...

i have been enjoying so much of your blog this evening!!! Great post here and everywhere below!

Style Court said...

Thanks PL!

One of the things I hope everyone will get to see in the videos of Angie's project is her flair with pattern. The textiles she used are really striking.


The fabric in the bed is amazing! Love the scale on it.

Mélanie said...

I adore the egg chair