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Curating in Milledgeville

Shannon Morris, museum curator at Georgia College, (pictured below on the left with artist Michel Varisco) is a dynamic force who thrives on the challenges associated with curating exhibitions in a rural setting.

Recently, on her blog, she described her process:

The curation of an exhibition is simply the visualization of ideas. Ideas are everywhere. I read. I look at everything -- on the streets, in parks, while shopping, as I am thumbing through my favorite magazines etc. I talk a lot too. Sometimes I iron out an idea by holding a friend captive to my ramblings. And I listen, selectively. That is how I 'come up' with the ideas for the exhibitions I curate.

Currently she is working on an exciting show scheduled to open at GCSU Museum on January 28th and continue through May 10th, 2010. The themes she is exploring include humanity’s relationship to the landscape. To convey her ideas she has chosen artworks from Annie Kammerer Butrus, Cynthia Farnell, Donna Mintz and Michel Varisco. All of the works will in some way relay the cultural metamorphosis that takes place as the landscape is altered.

In the next few months I'll share more about Shannon (she was Amanda Talley's roommate at SCAD) as well as details about the exhibit, but for now I just wanted to let everyone know about the upcoming opportunity to see these artists' work in Milledgeville, Georgia.

Credits: Photo at top via Explore Georgia shows the Georgia College campus; shown second is a piece from Annie Kammerer Butrus' Peach Tree Trail series.

Image four shows a small detail of Donna Mintz' sculptural installation comprised of glass artifacts unearthed during a 2007 drought at Lake Lanier. For the winter show, Shannon and Donna plan to install a denser assemblage of glass pieces in the two story windows that flank both sides of the museum's gallery doors. Shannon is anxious to see the beautiful reflections they create.


Kim said...

Thanks for this info. I'm taking my son for a college visit to GCSU at the end of the month. I've never been to Milledgeville and I've lived in Georgia for almost 25 years! I keep hearing what a beautiful campus it is, so I am looking forward to seeing it.

Pink Wallpaper said...

milledgeville!! my hometown :) and GCSU is a hop skip and jump away from my house!

Style Court said...

MotR -- Oh good. I hope you have a successful visit. Maybe you will have time to stop by the galleries too :)

Style Court said...

PW -- I'm excited about the possibility of a winter jaunt to see this show.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful post and for helping to spread the news about the upcoming exhibit. Georgia College is a special place.
MoTR if you are bringing your son for a tour of Georgia College, you will begin in the Museum! It is definately a bonus for aesthetically astute parents like yourself. Later this month, you will see two wonderful and thought provoking exhibits War on Terror: Inside/Out-- Photographs by Stacy Pearsall and Christopher Sims, curated by the infamous Mark Sloan, director of the Halsey Gallery at the College of Charleston and Soldier Portraits photographs by Ellen Susan.

Pigtown*Design said...

I love the glass! When I lived in Wales, we had a beach where I'd find tons of sea/beach glass. I shipped a box of it home (!) and then made windchimes from it. They looked like this, but more muted colours.

Amanda Stone Talley said...

What a great post! Shannon is so very talented. I got to spend a weekend in New Orleans with her this spring and I cannot remember having more fun. She is very petite with an extremely placid demeanor and then out comes this big, fabulous, raucous laugh! I wish I was closer to Milledgeville!