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Counting Down: Man Shops Globe

This should be interesting. In just a couple of weeks, on October 7th, the Sundance Channel is scheduled to debut Man Shops Globe -- a documentary-style series that follows Keith Johnson, Anthropologie's Buyer-at-Large, on his worldly adventures hunting and gathering unusual antiques, objects, and even artists and artisans to commission for original works. I'm especially anxious to learn more about the artisans behind the shop's distinctive wares. But I get very few cable channels (saving those pennies). Will the episodes be available through iTunes? Let's hope so. If not, I may have to break down and consider increasing my monthly cable bill.

Shown here are images from Caroline Clifton Mogg's Set with Style. In their own apartment, Glen Senk and Keith Johnson mix old glassware and other antiques with contemporary pieces designed specifically for Anthropologie. Johnson told Clifton Mogg that he is a firm believer in the old line about every successful room having one thing in it in questionable taste, and he likes to apply the concept to his tables too. (Don't miss the tufted leather bench in the background used in lieu of expected dining chairs, and for more of the guys' home, pick up the October 2009 Elle Decor.)

Images © Simon Upton, from Set With Style by Caroline Clifton Mogg, Clarkson Potter Publishers, New York, 2008.

It appears that Mary Laura missed the London opening of Anthropologie by roughly a month. I hear that the newest location, Anthropologie's first European store, will open on Regent Street the third week of October. Wouldn't you love to see the holiday window with snow falling all around? (To learn about textile artists Zannah Cooper's and Becky Oldfield's contribution to the instore design, pick up a copy of Selvedge issue 30.)

Recycled flag ©Zannah Cooper. Snow-covered London photograph via John Curnow.

Update 9.26.09
Click here for a related Sundance Channel video with Becky Oldfield and Keith Johnson.


Mrs. Blandings said...

Hoping this show is great fun - need to see if I even get Sundance.

Jaclyn Joslin, Founder/Principal Designer said...

I love that recycled flag. It reminds me of the Vivienne Westwood Flag cushion at The Rug Company that I have coveted for so long.

style chronicle said...

Oh, I can't wait to watch. I am sure it will be inspiring!!

The Peak of Chic said...

I haven't heard about this, but will be sure to tune in. I get you know of a way I could tape it for you? If we can figure out a way, I'll do that for you. Let me know!

Style Court said...

I appreciate that Jennifer!

seema said...

i look forward to the show- sounds interesting! thanks for the info

mamacita said...

That pitcher full of ice water sitting on the wooden table is making me NERVOUS. Oh, the marks it will leave!

Grant K. Gibson said...

Sundance- I have to see if I get that. What a great show I am sure it will be!