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Coming Soon: New Textiles from Brigitte Singh

Textile designer Aleta Bartel-Orton, founder of a boutique fabric company that stocks her own designs as well as the largest online collection of block-printed fabrics by Brigitte Singh, is excited about some new Singh prints expected to debut in a few weeks. She sent me a sneak peek with the disclaimer that this image doesn't do justice to "Leila Stripe's" joyful, vibrant colors. Shown here is the pink colorway, and a second option in reds and greens will be available too.

I'm crazy about the chevron motif. Reminds me of the old textiles featured in Hali, summer 2009. The collection is available to retail customers and I've found Aleta's shipping rates to be very fair.


Trove Interiors said...

This fabric is beautiful! I'm excited to see the collection. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

This fabric adds instant warmth and makes me think fall has arrived. I love the chevron pattens, there is endless potential for it's usage.


The Peak of Chic said...

That print is gorgeous!!!