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Butterflies Through a New Lense

Sticky-sweet butterfly motifs are so prevalent in little girls' rooms that sometimes it's easy to forget just how exotic and rich-looking the creatures are. Unless by chance you've been recently looking at the work of E. A. Séguy. But I think with Bright Star, director Jane Campion and her director of photography, Greig Fraser, remind us of the jewel-tone butterfly's incredible allure.

If you haven't already seen it, click here for one small scene from the film: "Fanny in the room with butterflies." I predict many boutique window stylists will be inspired by this clip. To go shopping with the film's set decorator, Charlotte Watts, click here.

Assouline's beautiful volume, Botanicals: Butterflies & Insects is available through Amazon, and Pachanga, designer Belen Mena's lavish tome, is available at Anthropologie.

Shown second from the top, director Campion on the set of Bright Star.


LINDA from Each Little World said...

There are amazing butterfly scenes in the film "Angles and Insects," based on the A.S. Byatt story. A feast for lovers of costume, color and insects. And a film where the butterflies come across as threatening. A must if you haven't seen it.

Style Court said...

Linda -- I really appreciate the tip. Maybe this weekend I'll finally rent it.

jamey said...

Hey Miss Courtney,

This reminds me of a crafts project that I abandoned. Perch here in nola has these fantastic huge butterfly shadowboxes that are entirely out of my price range:

i bought this calendar to try to reproduce them inexpensively:

NOW i look and Perch has butterfly shadow boxes for $15!! They're not the huge dramatic ones, but still beautiful. These will probably be cheaper than I can make them!

Style Court said...

Hello Miss Jamey!

These are great links! Thanks for being so helpful. I know this will inspire some weekend projects out there.

Happy crafting!