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Basket Case II

Have you been tuning in every Tuesday to catch Amy Merrick's "Living In" series over at design*sponge? Each week she is assembling really lovely groups of products inspired by favorite books, movies, artists, and restaurants. In short, finding accessories and furniture that might help the reader capture the essence of a film or novel and bring it into her own home. So far Amy has covered movies ranging from Annie Hall to The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.

When Amy focused on Out of Africa, she came up with an appealing mix that included authentic Fair Trade African baskets. Her post prompted me to hop over and see the complete collection of handmade wares at Baskets of Africa. Styles representing many areas of the continent are available and the array of colors and patterns is terrific. Prices range from roughly $16 to several hundred dollars.

To search LACMA's African collection, click here. Visit Macy's to explore African offerings in the Shop for a Better World collection. And to see examples of American sweetgrass baskets, a craft the grew out of African traditions, click here.

Credits: 1. Zulu Wire Basket; 2. Zulu Wire Wrap Bowl; 3. Zulu Ilala Palm Basket. All from
Baskets of Africa.

Let's hope that soon Amy talks about the worn tufted sofa in Jane Campion's Bright Star.


Mrs. Blandings said...

These colors are terrific.

Karena said...

The baskets are so amazing, the work details are extremely intricate and artful.

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

Thanks for finding this, I will def. go to the Sponge to get caught up-wonderful confluence of our favorite things. On the small color icon in my blog favorites the basket looks like fine porcelain and it is a joy to see the artistry of baskets, which I love. Have you done a through post on them- probably so, will have to search your archives. GT

Unknown said...

You are an amazing resource many aesthetically pleasing objects but I would like to thank you for this post, especially. I LOVE BASKETS! They are the answer to so many of life's loose ends.

Style Court said...

Hi LA,

I did something brief in the past about Shop for a Better World baskets and African textiles, but that's all as far as I remember.


Oh good! Glad to help spread the word about these baskets.

amy merrick said...

Oh gosh. I'm glad you like the new d*s column!

I don't know the movie Bright Star, but will be certainly checking it out and doing some research as to where i can source such. a. dreamy. boy.

Style Court said...

Amy (Emerson Merrick), yes, please. We would all love to see what you do with Bright Star!

Mary said...

Just returned from Africa last night - and have a carry-on full of these bowls and other tribal arts and crafts - trip of a lifetime !!! There art and colors are so amazing and inspiring ...we will never be the same.