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And the Award Goes to Maria White

[Images©Maria White]

I've enjoyed the latest blog buzz about ceramicist Maria White (American Craft, Bon Bon and Rose Apodaca -- just to give a few examples -- have posted about White's recent Award of Excellence bestowed by the American Craft Council.)

An L.A. resident who was raised in Summerville, South Carolina, White's luminous porcelains are characterized by refined details that often suggest the natural pattern of an animal's skin, wet ripples, or the interior of a seashell. And although her work is critically acclaimed, some of her tactile pieces are still very attainable; A + R online sells examples priced under $90. Other retailers are listed on White's site.

It's always nice to highlight an institution in my little corner of the world, so I also wanted to note that White studied at the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina, in addition to earning an art degree from Winthrop University, studying sculpture in Italy, apprenticing with sculptor Michael Sherrill, and studying at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine.


home before dark said...

I think the award goes to Style Court for your passionate advocacy for your regional artists. You bring us new delights, but the underlying theme of pride of place is always there. It sings of home and craft, art and artful living always done in a soulful southern key.

Style Court said...

HBD --

Well, that's a lovely thing to say, I guess you've captured my goal -- although you articulated it much more clearly than what was in my head. I should make it my mission statement. Thank you!


soodie :: said...

oooohhhh I just love these! Thanks for the exposure.