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Thursday Inspiration

[Meeting Street Windows, 2000 ©Sharon Dowell]

Although Sharon Dowell's painting of Meeting Street windows has sold, I wanted to share it now as one more example of her work. (It should have been included in the original Rhythmic Layers post.)

[Shadow, 2000 ©Jennifer Shaw]

If you aren't yet acquainted with photographer Jennifer Shaw, surf over to her site when you have a chance. I think you will be charmed and intrigued by her work. As mentioned in the earlier post about John Folsom, Charleston gallerist Rebekah Jacob represents an array of photographers whose work captures the American South and Shaw is one of them. Shaw is also represented by Kevin Longino and by Meter Gallery.

[The Chase ©Pam Moxley]

Birmingham's Jennifer Hunt Gallery is also worth exploring. Hunt represents acclaimed photographer Richard Sexton and Georgia-based Pam Moxley, just to name two. (In Atlanta, Moxley is represented by Mason Murer.)

Color theory was integral to Wellesley alum Annie Butrus' Peach Tree Trail series, and she continues to study the subject. The other day she shared with me a book tip: Color and Culture: Practice and Meaning from Antiquity to Abstraction by John Gage.
I'm curious about chapters including, The Peacock's Tail and Color-Language, Color-Symbols.


Kalee said...

Thank you for the introduction to these extremely talented artists! I especially love that painting of the meeting street windows- great angle!

Style Court said...

My pleasure CH. I love that angle too.

Karena said...

Courtney your posts have absolutely brightened my every day!
Wonderful selections and links to follow!

Style Court said...

Thanks Karena!

Sanity Fair said...

I've added the book to my list - symbolism and color in various cultures is a fascinating study. Thanks for the tip!

Unknown said...


I love you post. Thanks for including my work. Pam Moxley

Style Court said...

Sanity Fair -- Glad it grabbed your interest.

Pam -- Oh good. I'm so happy you are pleased.