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Signs of an Interesting Woman

[Mary Randolph Carter's books photographed by The Selby.]

It's an intriguing woman who has stacked together the books Tiffany Parties and Elvis 1956 Reflections along with other titles ranging from Bloomsbury Reflections to Rajasthan. (I like her mix!) These are just a few examples spotted in Virginia native Mary Randolph Carter's office at Ralph Lauren. Over the weekend Karen of Identical Eye left a comment that prompted me to revisit "Carter," as the RL VP is known to her friends. Large striking images from The Selby can be seen here or over at Apartment Therapy Los Angeles.

Cecil Beaton fans don't miss Karen's images here.

Update 8.04.09:

On a related note, just received notice that Davidson alum Jane Mount, known for her portraits of books, has created Ideal Bookshelf 1, JMM for 20x200. This work features her favorite childhood volumes. Affordable editioned prints are available here.

Jane Mount holds the copyright for the last image.


Laura Trevey said...

like the
LA inside out!!

Style Court said...

I'm going to take a magnifying glass and see which titles I have, which ones I need to explore :)

home before dark said...

Living in an academic community, I am very used to the sideways neck thing as guests in my home peruse my bookcases. I say it is either Rorschach or a literary cat scan! Same principle at work here and don't we all do it!

Style Court said...

Literary CAT scan -- love that.

Shandell's said...

Carter's stacks of books tells her story, she is an amazing women. A fixture in the Hudson Valley. I own all of her books, they are scattered in my piles.

The Peak of Chic said...

Wow! So much to see both here and via the links!

Brillante Interiors said...

Explored The Selby and enjoyed every image. Carter's talent and creativity are explosive!