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Ramey's Kid-Friendly Fabric Tip (and More)

Kid-friendly fabrics always seem to interest design blog readers, so I asked designer Ramey Caulkins to share one of her favorites. (Ramey's pretty Maine cottage with Sister Parish provenance is featured in the July-August Coastal Living; story by Beatty Coleman and photography by Tria Giovan.) Below she answers my super-short question about prints that can stand up to smudgy hands (both children's and adults') and other random inquiries.

SC: Is there a specific fabric that holds up especially well with kids around?

RC: All of the Sister Parish prints are available to be printed on an acrylic ground. Great strides have been made in textiles recently, making the fabric grounds much softer than when acrylic fabrics first appeared. When in doubt, choose a busy print on the acrylic ground. I love "Eliza" in the pink colorway.

SC: If Sister breezed through your house, is there an object she might be tempted to place on her infamous take-away tea cart? Something you have out regardless, because it's part of who you are?

RC: I am quite sure that she would whisk away our children's plastic toys!

SC: Is there anything that you won't have in the house because you do have children?

RC: I try to steer clear of low tables with sharp edges. When I am looking for a low piece, such as a coffee table, my initial thought is always, "Would my child need stitches if he went into the corner of this?"

Shown at top, "Eliza" from Sister Parish Design. Image two above is cropped from a Tria Giovan photo, Coastal Living, July-August 2009. The wicker tea cart came from the Smith & Hawken collection for Target. R2-D2 also from Target.


The Peak of Chic said...

Well, I don't have children, but everything she said makes sense to me! And what could be better than child friendly fabric à la Sister Parish!

City Living Girl said...

I can't wait to see the spread. Love this fabric. Thanks.

Karena said...

Great fabric design! The image is beautiful.

Little Willow said...

Hi Style Court!
I thought you might be interested in my nursery where I used Sister Parish fabric. Check out y blog post:
Thanks and have a great day!