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More of Angie's Work to be Seen Soon

Mention Charleston and what words come to mind? Tradition, gentility? Absolutely. But the sophisticated "Queen of the South" also has long established connections to the arts. Historians refer to a vibrant period of artistic activity that lasted from about 1915 to 1940 as The Charleston Renaissance, and of course Spoleto Festival USA, founded in 1977 by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Gian Carlo Menotti, is respected internationally.

With her work on Coastal Living's 2009 Idea Cottage in I'On, Charleston-based designer Angie Hranowsky hopes to show visitors the youthful, cosmopolitan, 21st-century side of The Holy City. Back in January when I shared Angie's favorite sources for collecting art, the response was positive, so I thought you might enjoy learning the names of two artists Angie chose to include in the Coastal Living project. Shown below are samples of the artists' work, not necessarily what will be on view in the Idea Cottage (August 14th - October 11th).

Kate Long Stevenson
abstract 3
4" X 4"
acrylic + graphite on paper
$120, framed

Kate Long Stevenson
Red Ribbon
12 x 16
oil, enamel + charcoal on canvas

Kate is a native of Greensboro, North Carolina and she is inspired by artists including Chuck Close, John Singer Sargent, Willem de Kooning and Howard Hodgkin.

Sally Benedict is an Atlanta native who is inspired by the Lowcountry landscape, Mark Rothko and Pablo Picasso.

To learn more about the Charleston Renaissance, visit the Gibbes Museum of Art interactive website. Click here for the Idea Cottage schedule.

Rendering for Coastal Living, top right, was done by Muir Stewart.


Vicky's Yard Sale said...

Gosh, that painting behind her is so delicious! I visited her site and her work is amazing.
Sally, you have a new fan.

Francy said...

Love her paitings, beautiful work!