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Betsy's Influence

[Photo by Stephanie Diani for The New York Times]

Longtime friend of the blog Betsy Burnham is on the minds of design enthusiasts this morning because she made the front page of The New York Times home section. (See her in the red plaid, above? Looking good Betsy.) In a piece about attainable design in a struggling economy, Kimberly Stevens highlights Burnham Designs' more affordable alternative service, Instant Space.

Over the years, Betsy has shared many tips with us and candidly discussed her openness to faux leather and other readily available design elements. For Betsy, it's always about the mix and the balance. She explained some of this philosophy in a guest blog post that I wrote for design * sponge a while back.

[Above, before and after of Betsy's family-friendly kitchen chairs recovered in ostrich vinyl. Click the "after" image with blue background to see the details.]

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Cheers to Betsy and Atlanta favorite, Phoebe Howard, also featured in Stevens' story.


A Flair for Vintage Decor said...

Interesting to see how the Interior Design business is re-inventing itself due to this economy! I think it is great! Also, loved reading about the vintage faux bamboo bed Betsy Burnham found for her son! Caroline

Unknown said...

How very exciting. I love her work.

As I do yours. I adore this new-to-me blog!


Style Court said...

Thanks Lola!