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Some Southern Style (with a touch of India)

Photographer Mark Starnes is a soft-spoken native Southerner with a passion for documenting his region. He shot the Charleston shop window, above left, and I've been thinking it would look great hanging in a man's apartment. Some sort of room with a Billy Reid vibe -- tattered Persian rug, a handsome secretary or Georgian chest, seersucker upholstery.

The suits Mark photographed appear to be seersucker and there's even a striped umbrella in the corner. (Click the larger image below to see if you notice it, too.)

Even though we all think of seersucker as the quintessential Southern or East Coast fabric, I always feel compelled to slip in the little reminder that it originated overseas, just like Madras plaid. "Seersucker" comes from Hindi and Persian words meaning "milk and sugar," as in the alternating rough and smooth stripes woven into the fabric.

Here's a link to an essay on Madras plaids published by Land's End.

The photo of the chest is via Mrs. Howard. Phoebe Howard has a stellar collection of chests. For more on Mark Starnes' photography visit Providence Antiques in Atlanta or contact him directly. Mark holds the copyright for his Charleston shop image, shown here with his permission.


DAM said...

Great Post - and love the idea of the photo - where would I come by this image in professional grade?

Style Court said...

from mark or at providence

Style Court said...

and dickie, thanks for stopping by!

DAM said...

BTW - was flipping through the pages of InStyle on the beach this past weekend and low and behold there you were - Congrats!

Style Court said...

Thanks Dickie!

gawieber said...

I believe Madras never got its due justice. I adored my madras shirts and shirts of the 60's along with my saddle shoes. I am also a sucker for a man in Seer... The black and white photo is like time in a bottle. Thanks for this post.

Paul Pincus said...

love the photograph.

love the georgian chest.

love billy reid!

Alicia said...

I'm on a search for a chest. I'll have to check out Mrs Howards. Perhaps a cheap one way ticket & an mini van rent would make a fun excursion back from Atlanta.
Grant my Godson is such a lover of both madras & seersucker. At 10 I'm proud to know I've cultivated a little prepster gentleman.