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Slinks: Lacey Terrell

[Images © Lacey Terrell via Kopeikin Gallery]

Janet Blyberg ended the week with a nod to a terrific photographer, Lacey Terrell. To paraphrase her artist's statement, Terrell works as a still photographer on film sets capturing scripted elements for publicity, but her creative series, offSET, is all about smaller, spontaneous, genuine moments.

Shown from the top:

offSET #31, Morocco, 2008

offSET #9, 2008

Both © Lacey Terrell

To purchase contact Kopeikin Gallery


pve design said...

That Janet always has the most amazing things to show and shar and that Lacey....just genuine....
by the way my friend the photographer - her site is up!
elizabeth belliveau
please take a look.....

Janet said...

So glad you like Terrell's work as much as I do! Have a great weekend.

Style Court said...

You too Janet!

Amanda Stone Talley said...

Her work is beautiful!

Karen said...

She has an interesting eye. Really beautiful work.

Kalee said...

Love it!

La Maison Fou said...

Really like terrell's work! Thanks for sharing!