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SCAD Grads: Heather Leigh Young

Around the world Savannah is associated with the arts in large part because of the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design, founded in 1978, but the city's relationship with painting, sculpture and drawing goes much further back. Savannah is home to the oldest art museum in the South, the Telfair, which opened to the public in 1886 as both a school and a museum. Later, during the early 20th century, the Telfair was instrumental in bringing modernism to the South by purchasing modern paintings and offering classes.

In a way, Heather Leigh Young is connected to all of this; she comes from a multi-generational Savannah family and earned her B.F.A. in illustration from SCAD, graduating magna cum laude. And while her graceful pen and ink drawings of Savannah's famed parks may conjure up thoughts of laid-back living, Heather is no indolent woman of leisure. She entered SCAD with a distinguished scholarship and worked her way through school illustrating for local businesses and painting murals and portraits.

(You may have seen her work in Skirt! magazine.)

Heather's pen and inks are available though her Etsy shop, The Ink Lab, as well as Shop SCAD. She also accepts commissions to illustrate private and public gardens, houses, and other buildings.

I think any one of her drawings or prints would be a great jumping off point for a collection of black-and-white works.

Shown directly above, part of Windsor Smith's art collection photographed by Miguel Flores-Vianna for domino, August 2007. Click to better see the details.

The image of Heather Leigh Young is via Skirt! and all images of Heather's work are posted with permission from the artist. She holds the copyright to the illustrations shown here.

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BTW: According to Rick Stewart in Painting in the South: 1564 to 1980, artist Gari Melchers advised the Telfair on purchases of modern art early in the 20th century.


Terry said...

Thanks so much - great drawings from a great city and she blogs to boot.

Style Court said...

Terry, my pleasure. Heather does other styles of work too. Her website is interesting to explore.

Things That Inspire said...

Beautiful! I have looked and looked for artists who do great pen and ink sketches, to no avail. It is great to see such exceptional quality in this medium!

Style Court said...

TTI -- so glad you appreciate her work, too!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

What a talent, thanks for sharing. I look forward to spending some time on her site.

Sanity Fair said...

Her architectural rendersings are lovely - especially the first. Your post on the Childe Hassam reminded me of my favorite of his works, a companion piece of sorts to Allies Day, Avenue in the Rain. It's part of the White House collection currently: . His flags are so much a part of the landscape.

Karena said...

I do love pen and ink drawings and used to do many more, still enjoy it in the evenings!Heather is very talented.

The Peak of Chic said...

What a talented young woman! More people should commission artists to render drawings and sketches of their homes!

Vicky's Yard Sale said...

These drawings are amazing!Thank you for sharing them. Makes me want to do some sketches myself!