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Morning Coffee and the Paper

This year marks the 60th anniversary of art and design publishing house Thames & Hudson. Recognizing the milestone, The Art Newspaper ran an interesting piece on the future of lavishly illustrated, well-edited art books. It's available online and definitely worth a look.

Shown above, recent editions from Thames & Hudson's spring 2009 catalog; the books feature botanical paintings by Wendy Walsh.


Robin said...

Fascinating. I didn't know "The Art Newspaper" even existed.

Thank you so much Courtney.

robyn said...

This looks great!

Style Court said...

Hi Robin -- happy to help spread the word! Enjoy your weekend.

Ivy Lane said...

Interesting! I did not know that there was an "Art Newspaper"...went over to the site, enjoyed it very much..thanks for sharing Courtney!

Have a WONDERFUL Sunday!