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Coming Soon: Artists' Palettes

Remember the vintage paintbox post? Another worn artist's tool that appeals to some collectors is a paint-soaked palette. Just the other day, Mrs. Blandings photographed a few at the Mission Road Antique Mall in Kansas City.

I could imagine placing an especially interesting one on a bookshelf, or maybe using one as part of a tablescape on a big weathered desk. More than the idea of display, though, I just like getting a peek at various artists' working palettes.

Matthias Schaller photographs palettes used by well known artists such as Cy Twombly and Wassily Kandinsky. The Art Newspaper did a video interview with him explaining his fascination.

This summer some artists from my corner of the world will share with us their messiest palettes, but in the meantime, here is a look at the art supplies in Alabama native Hayley Gaberlavage's former New York studio.

The leather chair picture is courtesy Mrs. Blandings and all others are shown with permission from the artist, Hayley Gaberlavage.


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

this is a wonderful post-I can not wait to see all of these. exciting. did you snag those that Mrs. B. showed us? I caught your excitement in your comment to her- I am going to catch the bug with these stories. la

Style Court said...

Hi LA. Yes! That's Mrs. B's picture. I thought it was great.

Anonymous said...

pretty cool!

Karena said...

Very neat idea, I would love to see this, some artists work bright, light, others dark and moody, others a muddy earthy palette.