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Artists' Palettes: Zuzka Vaclavik

Zuzka Vaclavik generously shared with me two palettes -- one conventional and one less expected. The latter consists of shards that she collected on the beach in Naples.

She says, "Often times, I will find little fragments of objects to come up with a palette in my pieces. For example, a lot of these shards I painted into my pieces for the [current] show at Emily Amy Gallery. They provided a lot of the color information in those works, so I consider them my palette too."

The more traditional version, below, is on a new type of palette paper that can be occasionally switched out.

Read more about Zuzka at, or visit EAG to see her vibrant work in person. She is one of the artists represented in the exhibition, Buy Local.


Karena said...

This is fun, more palettes please!

Janet said...

Oh, I love the shards! How wonderfully organic.

Amanda Stone Talley said...

I love her work and the tumbled shards are works of art all of their own. Amazing!

Rachel said...

I have similiar pottery shards from the Bay of Naples as well. I can't believe the beautiful pottery was thrown away in the first place, which is of course how the pottery shards came to be. The edges are wonderfully smooth. My husband and I browse for beach glass here, so we were delighted to discover on the Amalfi Coast this Italian version of beach glass! This has inspired me to put the shards together, perhaps into a trivet, or display for the wall.