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If kids had coffee tables, Joelle Jolivet's Zoologique would be the must-have large-scale volume to place on view. But, measuring just under 18 inches tall, this book is more than a pretty accessory.

It is intended for children ages four to eight, however, some younger book enthusiasts adore it and adults appreciate Jolivet's crisp graphic prints. Functioning like an alternative to a traditional encyclopedia of animals, it groups creatures in categories such as Spots and Stripes, Large and Small, Horned, Black-and-White, and Feathered. (Jolivet also inserted throughout the pages an obscure chameleon for younger kids to find.) There is no story, but there is a section of notes that grownups may reference for brief facts about the animals.

Unlike the editions we adults have on our wishlists, Zoologique retails for less than $20. It's definitely on my list of things to pick up this week for a first birthday. Visit Barnes & Noble or Amazon for info on the English version.

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Images above ©Joelle Jolivet


Karena said...

This is a must!! How fun...

mb said...

I just bought this book and another by the same author at Anthropologie. I found myself in the corner of the store enjoying all the wonderful graphics... so fabulous. The two books were a birthday present for a dear friend who recently became a grandmother.

Dee Dee Hannah said...

A client of mine has Charley Harper's massive coffee table book with his wildlife illustrations - they are big animal people. I should show them this one!