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I've just heard from Fernbank Museum that the opening date for the upcoming exhibition, My Favorite Things, has been rescheduled for June 13.

In other news, June 1 was the initial date I was given by Benjamin Moore for the launch of their new iPhone app, ben® Color Capture™. It is possible that the free application will not be available until later this week. Still, I'll be checking the iTunes store late tonight. 

Moleskine date planning notebook is shown above.


Laura Casey Interiors said...

Thanks for the reminder on the color capture. Was wondering about a Moleskine calendar this morning....just the post I needed!

Style Court said...

Oh perfect Laura!

Anonymous said...

Spoke to rep at Ben. Moore, "Ben" won't be on itunes until end of week.

Style Court said...

Thanks Cindy.


Damn!..I wish I had an iPhone just so I could get that app.

I spied that Moleskin too: in red only, a bit thick and the year is half over; still..<3.