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Unapologetically Pretty

Emily Amy recently did an interesting blog post about beauty and art. She raised some good questions that indirectly got me thinking about rooms that might be described as unapologetically pretty. In particular, interiors done up by Miles Redd. This week Mrs. Blandings is running a great series about memorable design. Redd's name has been consistently mentioned, in part because his work feels fresh yet timeless.

Do you think we also respond so favorably to his style because his rooms are pretty? Never cloying. But simply beautiful?

Shown at top, Cara Enteles, "Bats Help Bees", 24" x 24", Oil on acrylic sheet, courtesy Emily Amy Gllery; Image two above, photography by Simon Upton, Elle Decor, November 2006; Image three is from Elle Decor, March 2001; Image four is from Domino, October 2005.
Above, Redd's patio photographed by Paul Costello. (Visit The Peak of Chic today for more on patterned floors.)

Michael Smith designed this beach house for Lori Laughlin and Mossimo Giannulli. It has soft, feminine edges, but is not saccharin. (Photo by Grey Crawford for Elle Decor.) What do you think keeps the room from being sweet? It even has Teletubbies on the coffee table.
Karen Revis is another artist who seeks to achieve complexity, but on the surface her work is enticingly lovely. Be sure to visit her site to see more. Shown directly above, Tying the Knot, 12" x 12" mixed media and gold leaf on plexiglass. Below, Tying the Knot # 2.

Karen Revis in her studio.


Things That Inspire said...

Wow - Karen Revis - that is a new name for me! I love her work.

LINDA from Each Little World said...

The two bedrooms have the feel of Pauline de Rothschild's bedroom (the famous Horst photo where she's peeking into the room): The bed filling the space in the midst of a garden. And we never complain about gardens being too beautiful!

La Maison Fou said...

Such good thoughts on design & art. I do think that the two are closely related, interestlingly the type of design that one may be drawn to certainly will have an effect on his / her artistic likes / dislikes. If in some instances one loves a more symmetrical interior, it can sometimes live a little more on the edge so to speak through his / her artwork. That is a refreshing contrast to a more orderly room injected with a modern artform or piece of artwork.
It is refreshing to see an ultramodern chic interior with a placed more realistic or traditionally painted canvas.
Just an observation, maybe I am way off base here. Just what I see sometimes.

Style Court said...

Leslie -- makes perfect sense to me!

Ms. Wis -- right on target.

TTI -- So excited to introduce Karen to you!

pve design said...

Love the playful spirit of Karen's work.

Southern Aspirations said...

Really like Karen's work and OOh! thank you Ms. Wis for mentioning the Pauline de Rothschild piece. Admittedly a new discovery for me and I am quite fond of the Baroness, having had the opportunity/pleasure to meet her in Miami earlier this year.

Southern Aspirations said...

Oops. I clearly did not meet Pauline de Rothschild but rather her stepdaughter, Philippine. The excitement melted my brain slightly.

Karena said...

Love her work for the simplicity and design!

The Antiques Diva™ said...

Redd's patio was inspiration for my roof top terrace when we lived in Holland. I so loved that terrace!!!