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Three Wishes: Grant K. Gibson

Long before I started a blog I was familiar with interior designer Grant Gibson, in part because his incredibly charming San Francisco apartment had been featured on an HGTV show about small digs. For anyone dealing with tiny quarters, his home was truly inspirational. (I've been searching for a clip on YouTube, but one doesn't seem to be there.)

If you read Grant's blog, you know he is also a very talented photographer with a generous spirit. This week Grant kindly shared his three wishes with me, along with his own striking pictures.

I wish life was simple like when we were all little kids. Discovering and learning everything fresh and new for the first time without the responsibilities that we all have when getting older. Nap time wasn’t so bad either. This is a kids room that I recently designed.

I wish that I could entertain more people in my apartment, as I love to cook so much. It’s a small place, but I love for people to come over to relax and enjoy great wine and great food.

I wish that I could live at Villa Del Balbianello on Lake Como. It is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been.


An Aesthete's Lament said...

I want that villa. If I had it, I'd go into retirement and never show my face again. What a place to be a glamorous recluse.

La Maison Fou said...

Thanks for the post, I remember seeing his digs in magazines. The kids room is refreshing and the look is really not kid like. I purchased one of the chocolate ribbon trimmed pillows like on the bed for my son's room. I need to take it to get his monogram put on the front,it reverses to chocolate and was at Target!
My wish came true...affordable pillow & bedding. Have a great weekend!

Karena said...

Oh my Courtney. I love Italy, have not been to the Lake Como region and that is on my list! A dream come true!

Mimi said...

That house on the water just took my breath away...Wow! what a wonderful view to wake up to every morning.

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

Beautiful Wishes!I second the wish for seeing life through a child's eyes. It keeps us young and always asking questions. I really love the children's room- those Bunk Beds- (would GKG share his source?)I'm way over here in Carolina, so no real competition- I LOVE THEM. Life would be sweet to know. It is such fun to work on these types of rooms- Kids are the best. LA

Unknown said...

Great post I love this three wishes project. That could be a blog all it's own changing with people each week.
There are a lot of wishes out there...but there are a lot of stars in the sky awating to hear what those wishes are. Twinkle, Twinkle little star!

Grant's blog is wonderful.


Grant K. Gibson said...

Courtney I am just HONORED to be on your site this morning! What a Friday treat.
Thank you so much!
I wish that I could have all of you over for dinner!

A few thoughts for everyone-

The kids room was designed for a wonderful boy who was VERY mature for his age. It is actually a high rise building in San Francisco on the 27th floor. He is the only child in the whole place- so he wanted a very adult like room in a way. He was 7 when we did the room. You can't see that the walls are pale blue (well a little bit behind the table)- but when we were selecting the color- most kids would have pointed to a blue and said this one. This little boy asked if we could paint on a few sample and then he would "assess the situation" (I am telling you those were his words!) The bunk bed is from Pottery Barn Kids and the rug is from Room and Board (no one asked yet- but I thought I would share). Yes- the brown and white pillow is from Target- such a great space to find so many things. I am SO not afraid to mix things that are high and low- my advice is to buy what you like. Oh the sheets are Frette- yes- we saved so much $ on doing the room with retail places that we could splurge a bit. They are just the hotel line from Bed Bath and Beyond (do you ever get the extra 20% off coupons in the mail- watch out for those- a great way to save $).

I totally agree with the villa- I would love there and retire and never leave again. You can only get there by boat- so no one would ever bother you!

Style Court said...

Grant -- I'm just thrilled you had time to participate! You are busy but always make time to share meaningful things. Thanks again!

Alicia said...

Love Grant & his blog is my regular escape route to San Fran or lately Venice.
His wishes were what I'd expect form him...wonderful.

Brillante Interiors said...

Beautiful post that gave me a sudden inspiration to write about Villa del Balbianello on my blog, linking to this. Brava Courtney!

vicki archer said...

Lovely wishes and lovely interview.....enjoy the weekend, xv.

Karen said...

That room looks like one any child (or adult) would be happy living in. (OK, maybe I'm a bit old for the bunk beds). Love Grant's photographs but also his philosophy. We should all aspire to always be young at heart!

Sanity Fair said...

Oh, that villa on Lake Como is a wish for me too! Wonderful.

The Peak of Chic said...

Great post Courtney! Grant is truly so kind and generous. His apartment is beyond chic as well!