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Play Dates

If your summer days are going to be filled with afternoon crafts, take a look at Ellen Baker's series of tutorials related to children's books. (That's not Ellen above.) Shown here is Melissa Sellars in her Brooklyn townhouse with her son and his friend. According to Elle Decor, she designed the granite-topped table and leather-clad benches with John Danzer. The picture was cropped from the December-January 2001 issue, and Tom Scheerer was her interior designer.

If your weekend is going to look more like this,

I hope you have a great time. Erica George Dines took the photograph of the vintage Porsche 356 that accompanies G & G's Southern Roads story.


Clint Smith said...

a great car!

Alicia said...

My dream-moblie. A very long time ago I saw this lovely thing parked under the trees in San Fran & even then before I could drive,I knew this was it!!!!