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Made in the Shade

If you were reading this blog last summer, you've already seen my snapshot of the Italianate steps on the grounds of Cator Woolford Gardens. Perhaps less iconic than the steps that lead to architect Philip Trammell Shutze's 1920s Swan House, these are nonetheless a lovely and welcoming site on a steamy day. Today CW gardens are rented for private parties and weddings to help support The Frazer Center, but in the early 20th century this was home to Cator and Charlotte Woolford. (Cator Woolford was one of the principle founders of Retail Credit, which became Equifax Credit Services.)

Apart from days when events are scheduled, the extensive Druid Hills gardens are open to the public and the steps in particular are a popular site for photography. With the moss that has grown on them over time, and the leafy green canopy, the steps do feel like something out of the movie A Midsummer Night's Dream -- at least a Georgia version.

Photo my own

BTW: Landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted designed the park-like neighborhood Druid Hills. To learn more about Olmsted, click here.


La Maison Fou said...

So inviting, I would love to walk to the top of those stairs!

MFAMB said...

ive been there so many times!!! i love the druid hills area and lived at the corner of north decatur and briarcliff for several years before moving to the 'hood. i would love to live on springdale.

Alicia said...

Love the moss creeping along the steps. After spending time via your link, I've added them to my wish list for Atlanta time.
As always perfection & gratitudes.

Style Court said...

MFMB -- it's a cool place, no? Springdale is a beautiful street.

La Maison -- the view from the top is really pretty.

Alicia -- merci!

Janet said...

Beautiful and lush! That Mr. Olmsted, so versatile.

Style Court said...

Hi Janet -- I should've been more careful with my writing. Olmsted laid out Druid Hills, where this house is essentially located, but not the Woolford's 33-acre private gardens, at least not as I understand CW. But, yes, he is definitely versatile!

French furniture said...

Beautiful steps. Ideal for a fashion show!