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Julia Lynn

When she's working Julia Lynn typically photographs polished interiors that are filled with activity, but when she's on her own this Sewanee alum tends to seek out uninhabited, weathered sites.

Recently she told me, "I am particularly fascinated by the past and moments and places that appear frozen in time; it is as if the world forgot about them, but they are still sitting there in present day, breathing life and telling a story." (She is also intrigued by people who seem to tell a tale through the lines on their faces.)

"I love to find beauty in the ordinary: an old gas station or church on the side of the road, or the clerk behind the counter of a country store. Part of what I love about photography is that it is capturing a moment in time. A moment that will never exist again."

She added, "One memory that I always seem to go back to when I am thinking of these old places is a scene from the movie, The Shining. There is a shot of a ballroom and then the viewer is slowly taken back in time to the 1920s. Men and women begin appearing in the room dressed up and dancing to the band. That is how I feel when I photograph these places, as if I can imagine them many years ago, filled with music and vitality."

Julia, who also studied at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta, doesn't know precisely why she gravitates to old churches but she is certain that they are fascinating from an architectural, artistic and cultural perspective. Images two and three, from the top, show the well known ruins of Old Sheldon Church near Yemassee, South Carolina, and all of the photographs here represent her native South.

Samples of Julia's commercial work for editorial, ad agencies, design firms and corporations can be viewed on her site. Additionally, she sells framed or unframed prints of her personal photographs. To learn more, just shoot her an email.

Julia Lynn holds the copyright to the photographs published here.


Janet said...

well, of course, I love these! Is that photograph of the overmantle from Drayton Hall?

Style Court said...


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Karen said...

These are absolutely gorgeous.

Stacy said...

Wow, wow, wow! thanks for sharing.

Shani said...

I knew from the first photo that these were from here in SC! There are so many wonderful places and scenes to photograph here, and Julia Lynn's description of these places that are so thick with senses of the past and present was dead on.

Alicia said...

An artist after my own heart. I took so many rolls (yup old school)
in NOLA, pre Katrina, of weathered old irponwork laced with foliage, abandoned crevices that my travel mates thought I was nuts. Until I developed the rolls.
I never knew her other side. Gratitudes.

Brillante Interiors said...

As a photographer I always love to know more about what others do. Thanks for presenting this new (to me)name and beautiful images.

Sanity Fair said...

Wow - really beautiful work. Especially the trees. She really captures the look of the South.