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Find of the Day

In stock at the moment at Binders' Buckhead location are large sheets of luscious marbleized paper. Shot through the pretty sorbet shades is a rich grown-up gold. When I saw the huge roll, several DIY projects came to mind.

One was Nick Olsen's oft-blogged IKEA coffee table covered with similar glued-on marbleized paper, shown above in Paul Costello's photo for domino, November 2006. But on a smaller scale there was Charlotte Moss' idea to line old boxes with decorative papers, as told to Southern Accents here. Lining a child's chest of drawers or a medicine cabinet, or covering the exterior of a box are other possibilities that I'm sure you've already thought of.

The simplest option, though, would be to wrap summer birthday or shower presents with it. A cluster of marbled packages on a sideboard and swirled ice cream in clear glasses would equal instant decoration. Here's a favorite related past post with a great database suggested by Janet Blyberg. There is a detailed essay, too.

Ice cream courtesy Yuichi Sakuraba.

Not edible, but similar and fun: recycled crayons via Ellen Baker and Make and Takes.

On a more scholarly note, antiquarian dealer, The Veatchs Arts of the Book, offers rare titles on marbling and papermaking such as the 19th-century book, On Improvements in Marbling the Edges of Books and Paper, and James Sumner's The Mysterious Marbler.

Marbleized balloons via Zesmerelda.


An Aesthete's Lament said...

Why not use the paper to line a closet? Or cover the walls of a small entrance hall or powder room? Ravishing stuff.

Style Court said...

Aesthete, I love those ideas and with your suggestion I think everyone will feel more confident about giving it a go.

La Maison Fou said...

I love the colors!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Completely delicious - I adore the table.

pve design said...

reminds me of these really thick balloons from my childhood and art books that we made from lint.
It also reminds me of Italy.

Sanity Fair said...

I have two of those IKEA tables from my college days, stuffed in a store room - it never occurred to me to decoupage them! That would be such a great use for them. Thanks for the idea.
And as for the paper, I think I would frame a sheet of it - do it in a children's room, or even better, against a really bright wall in usually dark place like a stairwell. A yellow wall maybe (go for bold). It's a wonderful pattern.

Amisha said...

That paper is beautiful and love the ideas. The cover of that book is gorgeous!