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Children's Art

In January I mentioned something about saving kids' artwork. It can be a challenge to find space to store all of it, or to determine whether or not every single piece should be kept. But everyone seems to agree that framing select paintings or drawings makes a child feel great.

Long before Amanda Talley's work was selected to hang in law offices and banks, her mom valued it and often framed it. Amanda tells me that when her mother placed the art on the wall, it felt real. Shown here are samples done around the time she was in the sixth and seventh grades.

As a young girl in Louisiana, Amanda was fortunate to study in the attic studio of Libby Johnson and Michael Crespo. She began by drawing from still life set up by Libby, and by copying old master paintings. The work above was a study of an Edward Hopper.

If you're still struggling with where to put all the paintings that won't end up on a wall, Amanda Gordon Miller has a good tip about utilizing a salvaged old desk for vertical storage. I think her ideas could be interpreted to suit a variety of tastes.

All images except the storage box are courtesy Amanda Talley and her mother; storage system via Amanda Gordon Miller.

BTW: Today on her blog Louisiana Amanda has a link you might enjoy: Susan Woodward Watercolors. Above is Susan's inspiration board.


susie q said...

Those paintings are amazing. And great idea for storage too!

Terry said...

Kid's art is often the best in the house. It's certainly the least pretentious. Our designer friend searched our house, under beds, and in closets and lockers. We used a lot of it. Our mantel has a bunch of kindergarten "pottery" and nobody has a mantel like ours.

La Maison Fou said...

Im love the eyes of a child, seeing the world for what it is and creating what THEY want to create! Aaahh! Lovely

Sophie @ Century Finds said...

I taped two flattened moving boxes together to create a storage folder for my kids best artwork, after it gets cycled off the wall. I agree that kids art can be the best - they are working outside of any constraints - and although no one in my family is capable of examples like these, I still love to display their efforts :-)

Chic Coles said...

What fun to see Amanda's work when she was younger! I was in her studio the other day and her art is amazing! Thanks for sharing these pictures with us!

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

It is so true- I helped a client do some special pieces in wonderful frames for her 4. They are the best pieces in the house! Recently I did a kitchen -just an update-But the color inspiration was one of her daughters art pieces and a favorite photo I recently took at a clients was featuring her son's work. I am so enjoying Amanda's blog. thanks for putting little augury onto it. la

Alicia said...

I love childrens art. My favorite 2 pieces each come from the brother & sister aka my godkids & I framed both. Past the colors its the memories that make me oh so happy but I have so many more. God bless acid free tissue to store them between.

Ivy Lane said...

Thanks for this introduction! My neice did a beautiful watercolor that holds court on the wall in the hallway in their house.. I stopped dead in my tracks when I first saw it not knowing who painted it!! So creative the "youngins" are!!! and even better when they grow up to be famous!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Of all the art in the house (really not that much), the piece that always gets the most attention was done by Mrs.E.'s younger brother at the ripe old age of about 11. It's a cityscape in the rain and the perspective is a bit off in one spot. We framed it and we are both glad we did. I'm eyeing a pine tag painting done by my daughter (4 1/2) this year for the same treatment. Very modern all in red.