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Artist of the Day: Amy Dixon

I first became acquainted with Amy Dixon's work at an Atlanta gallery about seven years ago. Why it's taken me so long to mention her here, I don't know. Anyone with a penchant for paintings of interiors will appreciate Dixon's style and enjoy looking at rooms through her eyes. You'll notice that chairs are often a focal point for her.

A graduate of Newcomb College, Dixon grew up in Monroe, Louisiana and currently resides in Colorado. Gallerist Ann Connelly represents her in Baton Rouge.

Credits from the top:

Modifications, Mixed Media on Canvas

Cocktail Mood, Mixed Media on Canvas
Seduction of French Sunlight, Mixed Media on Canvas
Petite Salon, Acrylic on Canvas

Amy Dixon, all courtesy Ann Connelly

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Above, Classically Luculus. Click here to visit Dixon's site.

Gerrie B's, Amy Dixon© 2009

BTW: In Atlanta, Dixon is represented by Huff Harrington.


home before dark said...

Thank you for the introduction. I am gobsmacked! Love the interior views!

Style Court said...

Home -- my pleasure!

Karena said...

A soft, ethereal look into these beautiful interiors! The first image by Stevens in your post below is gorgeous.


Her visuals are lovely.
A little Matisse...
A little Singer-Sargent...

The Designer Insider said...

Thank you Amy Dixon for your wonderful art! I love the composition and colors!

The Peak of Chic said...

I really like her work and her sense of color too. Thanks for the introduction!

annechovie said...

Just beautiful, Courtney! Thank you for the introduction.

Belle said...

Quite nice! I checked out her site and I especially like the ones that soft and light yet seem to have all colors of the pastel rainbow. I love that they have oomph, color, and yet are soft and dreamy (three guesses on how much knowledge I have of art terminology, ha.

I will show them to my mother who actually paints.

The Antiques Diva™ said...

I so smitten... there is something about paintings of interiors that gets me everytime! Great find, as always.

Unknown said...

Beautiful paintings - I love that style! The colors are so vibrant but the overall image is ethereal and soft.