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And Even More Spade

Not every print, drawing or painting in the Spade apartment is framed with cream matting. When Eric Morin photographed the kitchen several years ago, butterflies surrounded by punchy spring-green mats were displayed in the kitchen.

To learn about Séguy butterflies and prints available through The New York Public Library archives see this related past post.

Image via NYPL Digital.


La Maison Fou said...

Such a refreshing color scheme! I like the green & black & white!
Cool and striking!

pve design said...

I ship my work in custom cut and color mattes which adds to the fun of what I do! As much as a clean cream or museum gray matte is always a good choice, I really love mattes that are in color. They make me and my artwork so happy! But of course, you know all about that! :)

Style Court said...

And it makes me happy too PVE :)

style chronicle said...

That vibrant green color is so Kate Spade. I love her fresh but oh so classic style.