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Who Knew?

Did you know there's a Jeweler Badge available for Girl Scouts? In Atlanta, Fernbank Museum of Natural History offers free resources that enable Scouts to earn the badge, in part by learning how various cultures use personal adornment. The process includes understanding symbolism and a craft-specific vocabulary. (Jewelry making comes at the end.)

Looking at the large collection of adventurous spirit Dorothy Methvin McClatchey is a good way to start. The dramatic objects of personal ornamentation that she gathered on her travels around the world were donated to Fernbank and helped to form the museum's permanent exhibition, Reflections of Culture.

Fernbank also offers free materials for Cub Scouts along with scavenger hunts for all kids. Adults may be especially interested in an exhibition opening June 13 -- My Favorite Things. Staff representing each museum department, from finance to IT to the gift shop, had the chance to select a piece from Fernbank's highly secured storage area and they essentially guest curated the show. (Architecture buffs might want to explore the portfolio of the firm behind the museum's design -- Graham and Gund. )

Shown at top, Tory Burch's Venetian Glass Bracelet inspired by the glass artisans of Venice and arts patron, Peggy Guggenheim.

Second image, lemon/lime flat squares of Czech Glass from Artbeads. Picture ©

Third image above © SANTA BARBARA LIVING by Diane Dorrans Saeks and the editors of Santa Barbara Magazine, Rizzoli New York, 2008.

Last image via Anna DeeS.

BTW: In October, Maurice Prendergast in Italy is coming to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice. This exhibition highlights more than sixty of the American artist's Italian watercolors, oils, and monotypes as well as other related media such as personal sketchbooks, and will run through January 2010. Before heading to Venice, the show will be on view this summer, July 18 - September 20, at the Williams College Museum of Art. Learn more here.

Shown above, Maurice Prendergast, Festa del Redentore, ca. 1899, watercolor and pencil on paper, Williams College Museum of Art, Gift of Mrs. Charles Prendergast (91.18.5).


Alicia said...

Wondering if 42 is too old to join the Girl Scouts???

Belle said...

That Maurice Prendergast watercolor is gorgeous! I'd have never guessed it was dated 1899. Reminds me of Newport Harbor in Orange County, CA, at night.

Style Court said...

Belle, I just love how he approached the lights -- and the shimmering color.

Style Court said...

Alicia, I'm sure volunteers are welcome -- and appreciated!

cotedetexas said...

no such badge when I was one!!! I wish!!!

Grant K. Gibson said...

Now they didn't have this option at the boy scouts when I was young. You girls have all of the fun!

Sanity Fair said...

I would have stayed in the Girl Scouts if they'd had this badge! Cute idea.

Unknown said...

Now that would be a great blog post. The evolution of Girl Scout Badges now and then. I wonder if I I can get a snap of it. I'm going to google the image.


French furniture said...

I love the Maurice Prendergast watercolor! Beautiful!!

The Peak of Chic said...

I never made it past Brownies, but I def. would have remembered a Jeweler Badge had there been one!

Tara Dillard said...

Always love your blog. Our lives overlapping greatly in Atlanta. Your blog better than the AJC for information on the arts. Thanks for all you do.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Style Court said...

Oh gosh Tara -- thank you! What a nice thing to say. That made my morning.