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Three Wishes: Susan Sully

In April I asked the good people at Rizzoli for permission to share select images from Susan Sully's recently released title, The Southern Cosmopolitan, and crossed my fingers with hope that the photograph of Amelia Handegan's sea sculpture would get the green light. Happily it did. When I posted it along with a brief description of Susan's book, the reaction was very positive so I knew I wanted to include her voice in the "Three Wishes" series.

First, a little background: Susan is the author and, more recently, photographer of many books about Southern architecture and design (and a rogue one on the subject of Moroccan living), including The Southern Cosmopolitan, The Southern Cottage, Charleston Style, and Casa Florida. She says that her books are not just about what is in the house, but why it is there, and how it relates to personal histories and fantasies, as well as the collective memories of a region. I happen to keep her newest title very close at hand.

The wishes Susan shared with me follow below. Pay special attention to the last one.

... that everyone might have a home--and one that fills them with serenity and joy;

. . . that I could visit a house in every country so I might constantly broaden my view of what is good and beautiful in the home; and

. . . that my books might never incite a sense of inadequacy, but rather inspire readers to create surroundings that reflect who they are and what they cherish.

Image two above © Southern Cosmopolitan: Sophisticated Southern Style by Susan Sully, Rizzoli New York, 2009.

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P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

a little late- but this just came in the mail today! I have leafed through it at a friends, unfortunately I can't sit quietly- the pages always make noise. I can't wait to study it- this is a great introduction to it. thanks! LA

Style Court said...

LA -- perfect timing! I think you will just love reading it. Thanks for stopping by.

Alicia said...

Love her books & her 3 wishes are so gracious. Makes me love the books even more.

Style Court said...

Alicia -- you are right, Susan is very gracious. So glad she shared this!

pve design said...

Attention to detail -
to sharing that is an art.
thanks- lovely wishes.

home before dark said...

I loved this book and keep returning to it for the words, the images, and the beautiful use of light.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

beautiful and thoughtful wishes. just wonderful.

Sanity Fair said...

A generous wish from a gifted designer.

Jennifer said...

I especially love that last one, as I find it much easier to feel inadequate when looking at beautiful spaces than to be inspired. What lovely reminder of the purpose of such publications!

The Peak of Chic said...

#1 is especially appropriate during these times, though it's something to hope for during good and bad times.

Shani said...

Those wishes are so incredibly lovely. This is such a great series!

Style Court said...

Shani -- glad you like it!