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Three Wishes: Lindsay Bierman

I happened to be in the audience (the congregation?) when Lindsay Bierman spoke one year at the Cathedral Antiques Show. Back then he was an editor at Southern Accents and for the talk he was placed in a somewhat challenging situation -- having to present an interior design lecture from behind a church altar. Right off the bat, I could tell he has a great sense of humor. Lindsay entertained us with behind-the-scenes tidbits about photo shoots and controversial cover choices, and shared his sharp insights too. Happily for me, he had been involved with a story about the Daniels house (Suzanne Rheinstein's project, above, photographed for SA .)

[MaryBeth Thielhelm, Turquoise Sea, 2008 © 2009 Sears-Peyton Gallery]

Now, after launching Cottage Living as founding executive editor, he's back at Coastal Living as Editor-in-Chief. The other day I asked him to share his three wishes with us and he generously obliged. Lindsay's thoughts:

To wrap up all of my constant repainting, recovering, redoing, replanting, and rearranging and feel truly at home, secure with myself and the world around me, and to help our readers do the same no matter what their circumstances. A beach house like this, decorated by Tom Scheerer, would really help.

At least one day a week without email, texting, twittering, internet, TV, or earphones, to nurture more meaningful human relationships and cultivate a deep connection and appreciation for the restorative peace and beauty of nature—and to capture it on a canvas like artist MaryBeth Theilhelm.
A global commitment to improving the health of our oceans. It's our most precious living resource.

Last photo by Robert Holmes, courtesy Coastal Living.


French furniture said...

We definitely have to commit to improving the health of our oceans. It's definitely a precious and invaluable resource.

Karena said...

It is so important to preserve our natural resources. Thank you for sharing Courtney.

Style Court said...

I love what Lindsay says about feeling truly at home.

Karen said...

Those of us who know, love, and work with Lindsay don't find it so surprising that he'd be "preaching" about good design from anywhere! I remember that talk too.

Style Court said...

I probably should've said that technically I think Lindsay was speaking from the pulpit. It just felt like the slide screen was behind the altar :)

Style Court said...

I think he was definitely behind the altar rail?