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Sneak Peek: Into Summer

I'm ecstatic because I just received the exhibition catalog for Peach Tree Trail at UAB. Shown here are panels from Annie Butrus' installation that explores the volatile impact of nature on farmers' orchards in Chilton County, Alabama. Specifically you are looking at her interpretation of summer changes -- just a small sampling of the larger work.

Conceptually it is significant, so I feel a little inappropriate shifting into thoughts of decorating, but I have to confess I'm obsessed with the idea of one of the diptychs juxtaposed with a classic sideboard, rustic or formal.

As you've probably read, aesthetically Annie's work is inspired by very old Asian art, and the classic Southern dining room often includes Chinese wallpaper or framed oriental panels of some kind. That's where my mind is.

I'll be back soon with a related post about "the house in my head." Years ago, long before it was a chic thing to do, my grandfather bought a dilapidated house in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia and restored it mainly with his own hands. (People thought he was an eccentric.) The property included an authentic carriage house so I've got a running fantasy about how I would decorate it if given the chance.

Sideboard in image four is from Baker. Angela Seckinger photographed Michael Rainey's golden retrievers and hunt board for Southern Accents.

Quintessential picture by Erica George Dines as seen in the 2009 March-April Southern Accents. The silver service is from Beverly Bremer.

Back to the show, I hope this image offers perspective. Click here for more.


Brilliant Asylum said...

I would love to see what you would do with that carriage house. Your grandfather sounds very cool.

Beautiful images here--makes me ready for a lazy, southern summer.

Style Court said...

Hey Millie!

I thought he was pretty cool. We had a beautiful day, didn't we? Guess we should get braced for humidity. Lazy days sound great.

Stacy McCallum said...

The puppies are back!!! Just when I thought I had forgotten them. As much as I love the tea set I think I would take these guys home first.

Style Court said...

Stacy, someone who works at a shop in VA Highland has a dog just as pretty who sits calmly by the door. Wish I had snapped a picture. Next time.

Sanity Fair said...

This is so beautiful! I didn't know about the Butrus' exhibit in Birmingham - I can't wait to see her work in person. Her paintings are so evocative.
P.S. love the sideboard too :)

An Aesthete's Lament said...

I like the art very much indeed, especially the third painting.

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh her work is so beautiful! I would love to be able to purchase one.

Jennifer said...

lovely! hoping to see it in person one evening next week.

Clarity said...

She reminds me of my paintings before time got in the way :)

I would suggest that you place an actual Cinderella Carriage in the carriage house, and why not? Only tastefully done and not gaudy. The walls could still be lined with cushioned benches, bookshelves and vases filled with flowers.

Janet said...

Beautiful! Her work reminds me a bit of Helen Frankenthaler (another favorite).

Anonymous said...

I would love to get a catalog of the exhibition - do you know how to order one?

Style Court said...

Anon -- I'm guessing you could call the gallery, 205-934-0815, but I'll try to get more info for everyone.