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The Review

Art critic James Nelson recently reviewed Annie Butrus' Peach Tree Trail exhibition for The Birmingham News. He draws some interesting comparisons between her work and Monet's water lily dioramas as well as traditional Asian art, so I thought you might appreciate a link. My hope was to dash over to the University of Alabama at Birmingham's Visual Arts Gallery and snap some pictures of the dramatic installation, but whether that happens or not, I think we will get some fresh images for you here on the blog. If you are thinking of visiting the gallery yourself, please note the show is scheduled to close on June 5.


Karen said...

Let me know if you do make it to Birmingham, Courtney. Obviously we'd love to see you -- and you have to come see the series of panels (the Four Seasons) that Annie did for our offices. They're really wonderful!

Style Court said...

Karen -- I definitely will!