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Reader Request: Residential Architecture

A new reader who liked Colcord Home asked for other titles about California houses. One book that I have on my own shelf (and have mentioned often in the past) is Paul R. Williams, Architect: A Legacy of Style. His granddaughter Karen Hudson wrote it, bringing an extra layer of meaning to the text. In recent years a diverse range of L.A. designers including Kelly Wearstler, Michael Smith and Lynn von Kersting have decorated Williams homes.

Just the other day I highlighted the iconic Georgian-era Westover doorway. Now it's hard not to recall this image of Williams in front of his own 20th-century interpretation of a classic design. Both images above are from Hudson's book, which is nicely illustrated. Click here to read a USC article about the architect, or use the Paul Williams label below to see more related pictures.

If you are interested in learning more about Wallace Neff, explore the books of Acanthus Press, or investigate the offerings at Hennessy Ingalls.

In case you missed this back in 2007, Kathryn Ireland's take on a wonderful Neff house was photographed by Thibault Jeanson for Vogue Living and was a hit around the blogosphere.

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