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Inspired by TTI (and a Sunny Day)

Recently Things That Inspire did a great post about pianos in elegant rooms (it warranted a mention by The Washington Post's Terri Sapienza). While studying all the interiors TTI highlighted, I thought of one that's been in my files for years -- Kevin Haley's living room.

As noted in a past post, his house was published by House & Garden, October 2004, when a younger generation of decorators was falling in love with the idea of modern glamour and the work of mid-century actor-turned-designer, Billy Haines. Although it was super-polished on the inside, what always struck me about Haley's cozy home was the connection to the outdoors.

His 1920s Steinway and vintage slipper chairs wearing Old World Weavers' Seren leopord print are elements I might expect to see in a sleek penthouse, so I admire the laid-back feel he achieved here. It's chic, but you want to sneak away from the office, grab an ice-cold drink, and hang out all afternoon with the sun pouring through those doors.

Maybe this will inspire someone who lives in a little bungalow but inherited a baby grand.

Gardenias and jasmine were planted outside.

BTW: That smudgy turquoise paint color is a custom Benjamin Moore mix. Photography by James Waddell.


Linda in AZ * said...


Your blog today reminds me of Billy Baldwin's statement about designing/decorating the great Cole Parter's "apartment" after his wife died~~~ he was explaining Porter's design sensibility & said something along the lines of Porter not wanting "fancy-schmancy, gadget-type things/cover-ups", just like he didn't want "SLIPCOVERS FOR HIS PIANO"!!! I smile to this day at that, as I have never forgotten THAT particular point he made so calmly tongue-in-cheek!!!

Are the girls in your last pic your daughters~ they're so charming!

Thanks & warmest wishes,
Linda in AZ *

Style Court said...

Hi Linda, no those are friends visiting Haley. Part of the HG feature. Funny line about the piano slipcover :)

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

Courtney, I have this photo spread in my files too and look at it all the time. It's a great, great room. And you're right -- it's such a wonderful combination of glamour and garden. Kevin decorated the house of a friend of mine and did the kitchen in that same amazing green-blue (or very similar) -- it was stunning. He's SUCH a talent!

Style Court said...

Lisa, oh it's so great to get the scoop from someone who has seen his work in person! Mrs. Blandings has to hear about the kitchen. We are obsessed with the color :)

Mrs. Blandings said...

Before I even got to the comments I was going to say, "It's always custom isn't it?" Of course Lisa knows the "source."

btw - there was a studio still of Billy Haines in an antique store in Alma, Kansas this weekend. I shoulda.

Style Court said...

Good design follows you wherever you go Patricia.

The Antiques Diva™ said...

I have recently become obsessed with the idea of owning a grand piano. Never mind that I don't play, one can always learn, and never mind that living the expat life in Europe getting transferred from one city to another at the whims of my husband's company means we always live in apartments that are never larger than 1500sq feet and the square footage swallowed up with baby grand might mean the difference between offering chairs for the guests to sit or a piano to stare at. No, none of that matters, I've fallen in love with the romance and modern glamour of a baby grand. Its just so sexy and elegant and I can imagine cocktails at dusk ...

Belle said...

Gorgeous! Even though I have a personal "rule" about not using animal skin patterns I want to rave about how gorgeous the leopard skin print is when mixed with creams and soft smudgy blues and shiny black. I love this mix. Makes me think of a tiny narrow living room Miles Redd did with black and creamy white striped walls. Except his room is city-cool while this room is relaxing and uplifting.

Style Court said...

Belle, I know that room! Great comparison.

Antiques Diva, you paint a wonderful picture.