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Indian Summer

The always gracious Karen Carroll just alerted me to new Indian-inspired rubber stamps available at Paper Source.

What do you think about stamping plain cream paper for DIY gift wrap inspired by Les Indiennes limited edition artisan paper? Shown at top, their recycled cotton rolls measure 20 inches by 10 feet and are hand-block-printed in natural indigo or chocolate brown. The idea is to hang them or do something else innovative. But back to the small rubber stamps, I may stick with making my simple signature note cards. Green ink would be refreshing combined with the stylized Indian flowers.

The image at top and the fabric swatches directly above are courtesy Les Indiennes. Image two, a sampling of the rubber stamps, is courtesy Paper Source.

Related links: India's Calico Museum of Textiles and The V & A.

Did you know Les Indiennes has branched out into upholstered furniture? The samples shown above are covered with indigo ikat. Below, an antique sofa. Click here for a word on camelback sofas.

Looking for something more affordable? How about a mini sketch book?

If you want to make your own, Paper Source sells bookbinding kits. (Finished tiny sketch book is available through Les Indiennes.)

Transitioning awkwardly to something Jackie related, (of course I'm thinking of the Jaipur trip) here is another vintage title to covet: The Kennedy White House Parties by Anne Lincoln. One copy just sold over at Paris Hotel Boutique.

Aesthete discusses Kennedy-era flowers here.


Sanity Fair said...

I love this book. If you haven't had a chance to watch her tour of the White House, I highly recommend it - it's a tour de force of style, eloquence, and stunning historical knowledge. It's amazing to compare her tour of her updates to the White House and its current state - very little has changed. Our country owes her a lot for preserving our valuable design heritage.

Style Court said...

SF -- thanks for sharing your inside perspective. I want to add it to my library.

THE DB FILES said...

The work that must go in to creating such intricate patterns is inspiring - we love anything with a touch of india about it. What a great idea to be able to customize stationery with the stamp! Oh, and that link to Jackie was seamless..........!!!! Anything that is mention of her is always welcome!

Shani said...

I love the stamps, they are gorgeous! I am a gift wrap nut... I go especially crazy at Christmas... I will have to borrow this idea. Thanks!

Ideezine said...

Fun snaps thanks for the inspiration.

I'm also a rubber stamper and I was doing my own christmas cards each year. Handmaking totals of 75 a few years in a row. Still have the stamps. I have experimented with stamping on fabric just a couple of weeks ago.

Another great use is using Trader Joe's or grocery paper bags, cut them open and stamp on the inside and use as christmas gift wrap. Very earthy!

Paper Source is a great place, although rubber stamp selections are harder to find except online.


Karen said...

Courtney, gift wrap or notecards would be fabulous. Maybe you should open up a little boutique on Etsy and let us all share in your creativity!

Style Court said...

Karen -- hmm. That's a thought! I might be accused of copying a certain well known stationer -- doing the poor woman's version -- but I like the idea.


I have quite a few pieces from
"Les Indiennes" good to see she is branching out. It has a similar hand to Kerry Cassill
which you make like as well.