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Golf Metaphors

My alma mater is often used for location shoots in movies and I once wrote a fairly in-depth article about film production in the Southeast, so I have a mild interest in historic or noteworthy buildings chosen by directors for their films. Over the weekend I watched two golf-related movies that happen to feature familiar Georgia sites: The Legend of Bagger Vance and Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius. (I was also searching for a little Father's Day inspiration.)

Today I've got quite a few golf metaphors on my brain. I've been thinking about the difference between players who have an authentic passion for the game -- and those who appreciate the design of great courses -- versus those who participate to network. (My dad always says the game is really about challenging yourself, not competing with others.) Initially I was going to draw some comparisons between those concepts and designing a house. But now that feels exceedingly corny and much like a rehash of past posts. Instead I leave you with the chicest lockers I've ever seen: Amelia Handegan's design for Old Collier.

To see renovation pictures of East Lake Golf Club, Atlanta's oldest golf course and the home course of Bobby Jones, click here. If you plan to be in Atlanta this summer, the History Center's exhibition, Down the Fairway with Bobby Jones, is worth a visit.


La Maison Fou said...

I just love these lockers! If I only had a clubhouse. I do have a need for cubbies at the ranch / in the tack room. Ideas!

Style Court said...

Hi Leslie -- great! I had hoped these would also offer inspiration beyond a country club.

Brilliant Asylum said...

I don't play golf, but I appreciate the game and the history and style that surrounds it. And I love your comparison of designing a house to gamesmanship.
I am just glad there is no official score card when it comes to decor!

Thanks for the heads up on the History Center show.

Style Court said...

Millie -- yes, a score card, that would be frightening. I guess we all sort of have a secret mental one :)

French Furniture said...

The lockers are so great!

Alicia said...

My father says the same thing!!!!
I still get into the game though, much to my parents sadness.
I think the locker room would be fabulous as a mudroom in scaled down style.

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

My son was a pro golfer, he will love these lockers. They are quite refined for men's lockers. Thanks for sharing.

Terry said...

East Lake is a slight detour I often take from my regular weekly errands just for a glance at the golf club, the Alston House, and the old Scottish Rite Hospital in Oakhurst. These are very elegant places where you don't expect them. They get me thinking about the East Lake neighborhood in its prime, before the gentry migrated towards Buckhead and beyond.