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Cover Art

Even though I download most of my music now, I do think album cover art somehow brings a soulful dimension to a house. I don't mean displaying it, but rather just knowing it's there. It doesn't really matter that it's typically only seen when we reach for it in a box or on a shelf. For their latest album, VeckatimestGrizzly Bear used drawings by William J. O'Brien who is represented at Shane Campbell Gallery in Chicago. The art jumped out at me when I was visiting the iTunes store. Here is Margaret Wappler's review for the L.A. Times.


Sanity Fair said...

I agree - wonderful design. This applies to anything you bring into the home - if it's beautiful, it quietly adds, even when not always visible.

DIY Dave said...

I'm still a buyer of CDs. I love having and holding music albums. My old man has a great record collection and the album covers there are awesome!!

Brilliant Asylum said...

Love this. Very 50's mod vibe.