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Catch the Title?

I'm concerned that the title of Alma Thomas' painting, Red Azaleas Singing and Dancing Rock and Roll Music, got buried in a previous post, so I'm highlighting it here. Pretty cool, no? I love how Thomas imagined flowers dancing or trees playing music. Visit the Smithsonian to learn more. Shown above is just a detail view of the large acrylic on canvas which belongs to the museum. In case you missed it, a different work from Thomas was recently loaned to the White House.


Unknown said...

That's what is so fantastic about art. The rules and bounderies are your own.
What you see is different at times for every person. But the real magic happens when the artist tells you how/what the piece is about. Then you "see/get it" and the art has changed and changed you!


Style Court said...

Wow -- well said Bette!

Alicia said...

Cool...especially since Im going through my images getting ready to do a red post...coinykdink????

Terry said...

Alma rocks. I prefer to see or hear for myself before before somebody explains it to me. Even knowing the title, there is plenty of mystery in the painting. The "art is the truest truth."


Once while walking through a San Fran. exhibit, a very stylish and well educated friend commented that she did not understand 'abstract' art, and did not know why or how it managed to find a home in a museum, or a home anywhere for that matter.

Through my shock and awe I softly responded by sharing my deep affection for color and shape, and how the speak to me like no other proper portrait or landscape could ever dream to do. Although I like them too, they usually reveal themselves right up front, instantly with out a private interview or introduction. Still, I appreciate them all, even if I do not understand them either.

"Dancing Azaleas"...speaks out loud and clear, and enticing.

Zelda said...

that's call marketing