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Last summer my mom picked up some classic puzzles for the older grandchildren. Just the cardboard variety on hand at the neighborhood toy store. You know, scenes of golden retrievers by a lake. The kind the whole family can work on together. As a visual person, the images didn't motivate me much.

But these stunning all-wood jigsaw puzzles from Anthropologie could hold my interest. Once finished, I'd be tempted to leave them out on a table in the living room. Unfortunately the price tag is not exactly recession-friendly: $148 per puzzle. For the person who has everything though, what a gift. Shown at top is the 491-piece Plum Blossom puzzle inspired by classic Japanese woodblock prints. Shown second is a recreation of John James Audubon's Carolina Parakeet.

If you are an Audubon fan, click here to read about Mr. Catesby.

Update: 4.27.09
Many thanks to Janet Blyberg for reminding everyone that yesterday was Audubon's 224th birthday. Click here for the details.


Unknown said...

As a native New Orleans girl, Audubon was an often used name: the Park, Zoo, and since my mother studied art, his works as well.

What an awesome puzzle! It would look really neat put together, then framed. Or maybe that's just me.

Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Perfect timing - my mother in law adores puzzles. Just in time for Mother's Day. I just love the idea of this. Hooray to them for producing them.

The Peak of Chic said...

Courtney- These are GREAT puzzles! Puzzles can be like needlepoint- many times they're way too cutesy. These are a wonderful option.

mb said...

When my daughters were young girls, my British mother-in-law would send them beautiful, intricate, wooden puzzles from England. I saved them for their children.

Karena said...

They are georgeous.....a bit pricey for thse times though. My parents love puzzles , they might be upset though if they found out the cost I spent for one of them as a gift!.

Style Court said...

SL, I thought of framing too :)

Jennifer, I love the comparison to needlepoint!

Everyone thanks for stopping by and sharing. Glad to know about others who enjoy puzzles. You've got me thinking how much my grandmother would've loved these.

Brillante Interiors said...

I love puzzles and I hate their look. These are great, pricey yes but they can become a permanent feature (space permitting).