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Giving: Vicky's Style

Vicky is another huntress who always seems to be finding interesting old planters or other containers for flowers. (Stop by her online shop Tuesday, April 28 to see a great array of vases.) And as most of you already know, she is a talented artist.

[Shown above is a detail from one of her interior watercolors, available here.]

Recently I asked Vicky if she gives her friends and family handmade presents. The answer? An enthusiastic "Yes, I love to!"

She added, "I used to have my own line of handmade jewelry and accessories which I always gave as gifts to close friends. I think all of my girlfriends own a piece of jewelry or [one of my] huge fabric flower beach bags."

"Way back in the day when I had a press available to me, I used to give prints as Christmas and birthday presents. I would make a limited serigraph, woodblock or etching series to give to friends and family, or a monoprint if I had someone specific in mind. That special someone might get a personal artist's book. I once gave my husband one in the shape of a PBJ sandwich -- his favorite."

But Vicky is careful to only give handmade things to those who like her work or who are very dear to her. "Since art work is quite personal, I don't like to put them in an awkward situation were they might feel obliged to display my work. I'm a bit shy when it comes to that." Lately she has become interested in needlepoint pillows and tiny paintings.

All vases pictured here are from Vicky's shop. The baby printing press is available at Madison Art Shop and the needlepoint thread is from Past Times.


Karena said...

Very very nice, I think Vicky is wonderful!

annechovie said...

Vicky's work is wonderful, so it's hard for me to imagine anyone not being absolutely thrilled to receive some of her work as a gift!