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Portraits: Another Option

Yes, this image is small and it has already been posted here a few times in the past, but I think David Bates' large abstract of a seated woman, shown above the fireplace, is worth noting again. Or more to the point, its dual meaning.

As Renee Peck explained in a 2007 Times-Picayune article, New Orleans-based decorator, Heidi Friedler, and her husband Tripp selected Bates' piece for their library. It's not a portrait of anyone in the Friedler family (the woman portrayed is actually the artist's wife) yet Heidi says the painting "kind of evokes a feel of me".

I think that occurred serendipitously for the couple -- Tripp Friedler was already a fan of Bates' work -- but for anyone who bristles at the thought of a literal portrait of herself hanging around, a found painting or sketch that conveys her spirit is an interesting idea.

Image at top by Kathy Anderson. If you are growing weary of abstract portraits, I have something more traditional in the works.


The Peak of Chic said...

I'm not growing weary of abstracts at all! Great series of posts, Courtney.

Style Court said...

Well, that's enough for me! Thanks Jennifer.

Sus said...

Oh, I love this room and this piece. I just bought a couple of portraits from an artist in Louisville, and am in love with them. Never thought about it, but maybe they evoke some spirits I know, too.